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Depression During Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy is an important issue to worry about. There is a common belief that women can counteract depression by pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are believed to change brain chemistry. Medical science has proved that these beliefs are wrong. It is held that pregnancy does not affect clinical depression and that pregnancy also does not change brain chemistry. Limitations imposed by pregnancy plays a major role in depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy imposes restricted mobility and restricted choice on eating. There is also a restriction on medicines.

FDA has flagged many of the antidepressants as potential reason for birth defects. Depression during pregnancy has to be treated without medical remedy. Postpartum depression, i.e. depression after pregnancy, is also a cause for major concern. This is reported in at least 10% of cases. The depression is caused by hormonal changes in the body after birth. Symptoms of clinical depression are also same as postpartum depression. The treatment is common for both types of depression. Behavioral restructuring, counseling and antidepressant medication are the general medical remedies adopted. The hormones are more powerful during pregnancy. They in turn cause weepiness and mood swings. During depression, grave down feelings should be solved by discussion with their partner or with the help of a doctor.

Causes and symptoms of depression during pregnancy

There are several factors which may cause depression during pregnancy. Most common among them are previous miscarriage, history of depression in the family, fertility treatments and stressful events in life. The symptoms of depression are difficulty in sleeping, ongoing feeling of sadness, constant exhaustion, losing interest in things, thoughts on harming self and others. There is no cause to worry as they are all part of pregnancy. However, irresistible helplessness or sadness is a serious issue.

Prevention is always better then curing depression. Regular exercise under the guidance of a doctor is essential. Healthy diet and sufficient relaxation is also another important part of keeping good health. Getting help from the family is also advised for pregnant women. In case it is not possible, they can shed some work. The primary concern is to take care of the health of self and the baby inside.

How to overcome depression?

Depression has to be dealt in a right manner for a safe pregnancy.  Both mother and child should not have any complications. 10 to 20% cases of pregnancy are reported to be suffering from depression. It has to be treated and managed effectively using various techniques. If the symptoms persist continuously for more than 2 weeks, a physician has to be consulted immediately for counsel. Psychotherapy is also a best choice for treating depression. It is better to avoid antidepressants during pregnancy. In some cases heart, liver, lung and kidney disorder are reported as an effect of antidepressants on pregnant women. Any medication should be administered with care and caution to both child and the mother. 

Positive counseling and psychotherapy without drugs helps pregnant woman to come out of depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy are also used for the effective cure of depression. They should be taught to be self-reliant and should have greater confidence in themselves in case of an unreliable spouse. Changes in dietary habits, yoga, meditation and doing an enjoyable activity treat depression more than any other medicine.

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