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Pregnancy Belly

Signs of pregnancy are happy to share and will remain till the last contraction of the belly. Your belly keeps growing in size till the last moment and will remain big enough. There are many situations that will put yourself in shy or make you embarrassed like going to party where you will be given special care and attention and some party women make comments appreciating your belly and the healthiness. Pregnant belly remains some marks that hinder beauty of your abdomen after birth of the baby. Stretch marks are one such common thing that all women experience that will remain permanently in maximum number of cases. But can be reduced with lot many beauty care treatments.

Queries and Questions

There are many questions and queries among pregnant women about their belly about its size, appearance, belly button and many such. There is a strange symptom of pregnancy where the pregnancy belly is fuzzy. Fuzziness of the belly is due to the harmones, which are to be blamed. This is a formidable when compared with other women who get darker coarse hairs and some women experience light colored peach fuzz. Stretch marks on the belly after the birth will vanish slightly fading from darker t silvery lines, which after some time will vanish but in some cases will remain. Women in common experience itchy belly during their pregnancy. Itching in the belly is due to the expansion of the skin. A cure can be keeping belly and yourself hydrated, for which creams are available.

For soothing effect of the belly there are special baths that are said to be effective especially for controlling the itching like the oatmeal baths. Carrying yourself in public is a confidence matter where you will prone to the fun of the people. Fun validation is an experience for pregnant women. Some women are very proud to show their pregnant belly to the world. In contrast many women think when they will get back their belly to normal and beauty. Some women suffer a major problem of the belly button which will pop up. There is no any perfect method to say whether your belly button will pop up or not during pregnancy. Belly button pop up depends up on the baby’s position in the uterus and that can not be avoided. For some women button remains normal in shape.


Modern women are fond of their pregnant belly and love it for their baby. They want the remembrance of their belly before the birth of the loved one. So there is casting of belly available, where the casting of the pregnant mother’s belly is taken in its actual size by plastering. This is rising in western countries, where modern mothers want to cherish the happy moments of their pregnancy. It is altogether left to the young mothers how they prefer and want to carry the pregnant belly and care it. The care given to the belly is the care given to the baby. So how you protect the belly so will be the baby. Though there are many other factors for the healthy baby and belly care will be the last but no the least.

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