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Pregnancy Spotting

Pregnancy spotting is very common in at least 25 percent of the women. Pregnancy spotting is the light bleeding seen in the first three months of the pregnancy usually i.e. in the first trimester. This is not a matter to be worried and there is a chance of it continuing till first some 7 to 9 weeks which may not be regular. Some pregnant ladies who are innocent of the matter doubt their pregnancy mistaking it to be menstrual cycle. This spotting is caused due to process of plantation of embryo into the walls of uterus. Such bleeding is minor and will not be heavy flow. If flow is found to be heavy or major and you feel alarming then soon the doctor should be consulted. But as a fact pregnancy spotting is not alarming.

Know what and how

But some cases of spotting during pregnancy may turn worse and is a matter of serious concern to be attended immediately. Here you will need to go for some prescribed tests and get sure that you and baby are safe. The spotting will be very light flow as if in the last or first days of normal period cycle. Spotting color can be varying from pink to red to brown and look like dried blood. The reason behind for this bleeding is that during implantation of the embryo in the uterus blood flow is increased in the cervix and that causes the flow, which will continue to first three months in reduced quantities as per the undergoing process and development with the increased blood supply.

Reason for bleeding or vaginal spotting can be due to the abnormal pregnancy called the ectopic pregnancy where the fertilization of egg and sperm takes place in the fallopian tube and is also called the tubal pregnancy. It can also be due to molar pregnancy where abnormal egg will develop with loss of genetic information into a bunch of grapes. This can be a symptom of it, so if the bleeding is more due care to be taken immediately. In case of heavy bleeding in the first weeks, chances of survival of the baby are very least and are miscarried. If heart beat of baby is found to be normal between seven to eleven weeks and bleeding is normal chances of baby survival is expected to be 90 percent.


There are certain other conditions not related to the pregnancy during pregnancy but are still threatening. Some vaginal infections can cause the vaginal spotting. Infections in the vagina like the bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. Some infections can be sexually transmitted due to unprotected intercourse. Infections like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis or herpes. In such cases vaginal spotting is noticed due to the irritated or inflamed cervix. If spotting is noticed in the second or third trimester, it is very serious and can be a sign of condition referred as placenta previa. Here there is placenta abruption i.e. placenta will be separating from the uterus causing late miscarriage. In placenta previa bleeding can continue from first or second trimester. It is always adviced to take extra care when felt doubtful.

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