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Tips to Write the ‘Thank You’ Cards at Baby Shower

Sometimes it may happen that when you are the guests at some baby shower, the people show so much generosity for you that you can’t have words to express your feelings. Sometimes you may also find yourself helpless when it comes to writing of thank you cards during the baby shower. Here is discussion on some points which can help you in writing the baby shower thank you card when you are a guest at a big ceremony or a function.

  1. The first thing that has to be remembered by every chief guest at baby shower is that all the thank you cards had to be handwritten. Here you can’t use any type of e-mails or printing material. For your help, you can buy the thank you cards from different places like mega marts and stationary stores. Keep in mind that the stationary you choose shouldn’t be of formal type. Always go for the whimsical and fanciful baby oriented designs which are adored by the babies. You can make you experience of writing a real fun by using an ink pen in a coordinating paint.
  2. Before going for the writing of any types of notes, there is requirement of some information on the gift. The name and address of the gift giver should be mentioned on the gift. You can get such kind of information from the lists which are generally compiled at the baby shower shows. Just ask your hostess to collect the addresses of every person to whom you want to send the invitations.
  3. Another important thing is that each and every thank you note should start with a salutation note. Always address the gift giver in the same manner as you would talk to that person when you meet face to face with him. For example, if you are calling the person with the first name then you should address him with his first name only in thank you card also.
  4. Don’t forget to thank the giver for the gift after writing the salutation. Use some lovely and beautiful words so that giver feels impressed. For this you can use some complimentary words. For example, instead of writing “Thank You for the Gift”, you can mention “Thank you for the beautiful a warm red fleece baby blanket.” Be specific about the gift while thanking him. In case if you are given a monetary gift, then there is no need of getting specific in mentioning about the amount. Just generously thank that person.
  5. Another thing that you can mention is your feelings about the gift. Mention what all you like about the gift and how you use that gift in purposeful manner. For example, “the color of the blanket is perfectly matching with seat of the baby’ car and this blanket will be of great use for the baby on the chilly mornings and also look wonderful on him. In this point, you can also add some of your personal comment also.

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