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Have some Laughter and Fun to the Pregnancy Period: Go for Baby Shower Games

If you want to socialize all your guests together then you can play the baby shower games. Most of the times, It had been found that at the cocktail parties people generally break themselves in to the small groups and indulge into talks. But there is no overall interaction among all the guests. But in the baby shower, each and every person wants to have an interaction with the guest of honor. But here is small problem. When all the guests are participating in the baby shower game, then each and every person gets an opportunity to interact with the mother-to-be. So in this case, you have to find some ways to make your baby shower show even more interactive. For this you can add the following games which will definitely add the laughter and fun to the baby shower.

  1. Mother What: in the case you can pin the name of the most famous mother on the back of every person. And the guest will ask the question from other people who are present in the shower and the answer has to be given in either yes or no. in this way, the name of the most famous mother has to figure out. The person who will make the first guess right will be awarded with a door prize.
  2. Race for the shoes: this games is considered good for those showers who are co-ed and new. In the game, mostly the men have to participate. They need to put the beach balls and large balloons under their shirts. After this they had to tie and untie their shoes. The person who will perform this task fastest will be the manner. But don’t forget to make the mom-to-be laugh by pointing and encouraging her.
  3. Diaper smell: in this game you can take the 6 diapers and their loading has to be done. For this you can write one liners on them by using 6 different things. For this purpose you can make use of some household stuff like the motor oil, vapor rub, bleach and the orange peel. After this seal the diapers by folding it and they put the numbers on each of them from 1 to 6. The person who will guess the most option right will be awarded with a prize or a goody bag.
  4. Heavy Purse Roulette: this game can be played in a very good manner if a group of some experienced mother is present at the baby shower. This game is all about treating the purse just like the bass fishing weigh. The mother having the heaviest purse will win the prize and prize is not a common item but it can be fishing cap which is covered with pacifiers.
  5. Word scramble: in this game, teams can be made. Each team is given a page which consists of some baby-related words in a scrambled manner. The team which will unscramble all the words fastest will be declared as winner.

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