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Baby Care - Your Baby Needs Your Full Love And Attention

Babies are the most adorable gifts but then they can also be the reason for creating stress as it takes some time for the new parents to understand the needs of their baby. Listed below are a few tips which will help you understand the needs of your baby and help you relieve all the unnecessary tensions.

  1. It is of utmost importance that you breast feed your newborn baby as you will not find a suitable feeding bottle and secondly breast feeding your baby is good for its health. You also need to burp your baby after each feed as this will ensure that there is no gas formation in the baby’s body as new born babies are prone to gastric problems.
  2. Having decided to get back to work after a few weeks of maternity leave you need to take care of your baby’s feed as you will have to leave your baby in the hands of a nurse of a nanny so you need to make sure your baby gets accustomed to feeding bottles so that you can leave for work without having to worry about your baby remaining hungry.
  3. If you feel that bottled milk is not good for your baby, you can also breast feed your baby through breast pumps and this milk can be stored up in feeding bottles.
  4. You also need to take care that your baby does not go to sleep with the feeding bottle in the mouth as this can cause teething problems and other dental problems.
  5. To keep your baby from getting diaper rash and infection you need to sponge your baby every time you change the baby’s dirty diaper.
  6. Make it a point to keep everything handy when you take your baby to bath as leaving your baby in the bath tub may be dangerous another thing that you need to understand is that you need to cover the ears and close the eye so of your baby while giving it a bath to prevent water from entering inside.
  7. Babies like to be cuddled and kissed so do this as often as you can as this will bring a feeling of security in the baby and you will be creating a good bond with your baby.
  8. Always see to it that the baby’s clothes are washed separately as this will prevent your baby from catching any infection.
  9. Taking your baby for regular checkups is of utmost importance and you also need to keep note of the vaccination dates so that you don’t miss them out.
  10. Don't ever manhandle your baby as this will effect the baby’s overall growth and development.

As a new parent you may be worried about your baby and its well being as the baby is unable to communicate with you properly, so keeping a track of your baby’s behavior will help you tackle problems and will also help you relieve stress that you may feel when your baby starts crying.

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