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This is basically a Christian related ceremony or ritual in which an individual himself makes a conscience of dedicating himself to god. It is also regarded as an underwater ritual in which the child’s body or the person to be baptized is fully immersed or submerged in water. In earlier times instead of immersing the whole body in the water, the individual was supposed to stand on the water and the water was to be poured on the upper part of the body. Some other forms of baptism that also exists include pouring of water on the forehead three times. By the use of water an individual is by his own interest adopting the membership of the Christian church. This ritual is not only performed or common in the Christian religion but is also performed in other religions like Sikhism and Mandaeanism.

This ritual is basically related to purify oneself by immersing oneself in holy water. The word "baptism" in English is used as a reference to any ritual, experience or trial by which one is purified, initiated or specified a name. Baptism has been a part of Christianity from the starting and since long time back as it is also mentioned in the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ and ‘The Pauline epistles’. In Christianity, it is also considered that Jesus have promoted the sacrament of baptism.

Baptism is one of the two chief Christian rituals present in most recognized autonomous branch of a church or religion. It represents passing all the way from the course of the waters of complete disorder and confusion into the newness of a more desirable and satisfactory world. At the start of the ‘Old Testament’, the very first section of the first renowned book of Genesis, it reveals us that Lord was floating over the waters of confusion and disorder. He produced something very un-imaginable that made real sense out of that disorder or chaos. It is also included in one of the book named Exodus; when the character Moses passed through the Red sea, it symbolized the conquest of the people and their faith through the waters of confusion and chaos.

When Lord Jesus was baptized in the River named Jordan, it represented his going past the waters of turmoil and chaos for all of us. When anyone, as Christians, gets baptized, it reveals to every person around us that we are being recognized with Christ, beginning a new Christian life, and that we recognize with Jesus going through the waters of confusion, chaos and disorder on our behalf. Baptism is not a necessity for deliverance, but it's an affirmation of something that has already taken place in the past. It is only meant for lasting verification. But on the other hand, the only actual everlasting thing is a clear-cut statement of faith. The same thing, the thief on the cross also knew but still Lord Jesus preserved him anyway, and no baptism invitation from his side was sent out. The act of baptism is basically washing away of one’s sins.

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