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Aviane Birth Control

A contraceptive hormonal that offers ladies an opportunity to manage their cycles to stop becoming pregnant until they plan on it is Aviane birth control.

How Aviane Birth Control Functions

Aviane is a mixture of birth control tablet. It includes the levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol, two types of the feminine hormones progesterone and estrogen. Used first and foremost to avoid pregnancy, the hormones function by:

  • Avoiding ovulation
  • Thickening of cervical mucus, formulating it hard for sperm to reach egg
  • Avoiding an egg from affixing to the uterus

To make use of Aviane, start taking the tablets on the Sunday after your periods begin. Carry on with them for twenty-one days, and at that moment take the placebo tablets. You must get your periods at this time. If you don’t, there is an opportunity for you to become pregnant and you must take a pregnancy test. Start your new pack after only when you finish the placebo tablets.

When beginning birth control tablets, it is always suggested to make use of a back-up type of birth control in the initial week.

Missed Dosages

In turn for Aviane to function appropriately, you must take it at the same time daily. Nevertheless, forgetting to take one tablet does not signify you have to toss your complete pack. Read on to know about the instructions for missed doses.

One Missed Dosage

If you miss one tablet, take it the moment you memorize. If not, you can take it with your next planned dose. You may feel like using a second type of birth control for the next seven days for further defense.

Two Missed Dosages

Take the missed tablets the moment you memorize, or with your next dosage. You could as well take one tablet with the next planned dose, and the second tablet with the subsequent dose. Use an additional form of birth control for no less than seven days subsequent to the missed dosages, and perhaps for the rest of your series.

Three or More Missed Dosages

If you fail to take three or more tablets, you must throw away the pack of tablet and wait seven days to begin a new one. Use an additional form of birth control until you take the new pack for seven days. If your periods do not come during the week where no tablets were taken, be confident to take a pregnancy test sooner than starting the new pack.

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