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Avent Breast Pumps

Avent has become the number one brand in U.K and distributes to U S, European markets and other 60 countries all over the world. Avent has achieved success due to their willingness to innovate and their ability to provide consumers with products of high quality and style. Avent provide single and double electronic breast pumps, at-home use kits and portable kits. ISIS breast pumps are manual pumps that have been clinically proved to be highly effective, just like electric pumps. The new IRIS iQ DUO Twin electronic breast pump developed by Avent is the first pump with an electronic memory (iQ).

Features Of Avent Breast Pumps

The chief advantage of Avent ISIS breast pumps is that their inner breast shield has a soft inner lining with a flower design that massage your breast tissues, after creating a gentle vacuum unlike other pumps, which use suction. The soft petal massagers, with all handle compressions flex in tandem along with silicon diaphragm to maintain consistent, fast and gentle milk flow. It has got a handle that can be easily depressed and does not need any return action, whereas many of the other hand and manual breasts are not so easy. Only occasionally you have to compress the handle since you achieve letdown.  Avent Breast Pumps come with a lid-like cover, which can snap over breast shields or funnels. Furthermore, they keep the inside of the milk containers and breast shields clean and hence ready to use, as the newer version can be taken apart and put back together.

You can extract milk effectively and is convenient and handy due to their lightweight and smaller size. It will not fall apart during pumping sessions. The Avent breast pumps have been constructed sturdily and are hence durable. You can express milk without electricity or batteries. Hence, you can use them anywhere.  The disadvantage is that their breast shields cannot accommodate larger nipples and their openings are not wide enough to be compatible with any other bottles. But if you get an adaptor, you can convert all the other baby bottles into the wide size of the Avent pump mouth. So it is better to limit your breastfeeding with their products, if you choose Avent breast pumps.

The Avent electronic breast pumps have a Let-down Massage Cushion that gives a natural and quick letdown. It is controlled by one button conveniently close to your breast and can be operated easily with your fingertips for effortless, as well as subtle personal adjustments. The ultra quiet motor of Avent breast pumps is powerful enough to create the vacuum created by hospital-grade pumps. Moreover, your pumping rhythm is memorized by its electronic memory. The Avent breast pumps are designed to be hygienic and safe from germs and cross contamination. They follow a closed system. Your control over suction, speed and rhythm is invariably changeable.

Different Avent Breast Pumps

The electronic Avent breast pumps are:

  • ISIS iQ UNO Complete

The manual Avent breast pumps include:

  • ISIS Breast Pump
  • ISIS On-the-Go Set
  • ISIS Via Breast Pump Kit

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