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Safe Method Of Childbirth - Bradley Method Of Childbirth

Robert Bradley was an American who developed a new and safe method of delivery that helped woman deliver her baby through natural process. Bradley was an obstetrician and he firmly believed that giving birth through natural process helped women to prepare themselves emotionally as well as physically for childbirth without the use of modern science i.e. without the use of medication and electronic gadgets. His childbirth method program was of twelve week duration and in some cases it was even longer. Pregnant women were instructed on various child related issues like pregnancy, birth and the most important one being post partum. Bradley firmly believed that it was beneficial to educate both the partners so that they can be supportive at the time of delivery.

Intimate and intensive coaching is given in his class of not more than eight couples with interactive learning sessions. There are various topics which are included like prenatal nutrition and its effects to for a healthy pregnancy, the importance of exercises during pregnancy, symptoms and the common complaints faced by every pregnant women and how to get over such problems. Here couples are taught basic breathing exercises which help them to relax all through the labor and childbirth process. Would be mothers are taught to focus their minds on the process of delivery rather than get themselves distracted. Would be parents are taught how to cope up with the different stages of labor pains.

Bradley Childbirth Methods emphasize on the disuse of modern day medications like the administration of drugs like pitocin and epidural which are known to slow down the labor pains leading to more and more cesarean types of deliveries. Couples are trained at the hands of certified and ably qualified teachers. The American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth was founded by Dr. Robert Bradley.

Dr. Roberts’s childbirth classes are so popular that it has been found that around ninety percent of the women who come here for childbirth education opt for natural childbirth and decide not to use medication to induce pain or labor. Dr. Robert Bradley firmly believes that giving birth to the baby by natural ways without the use of these medications is a new beginning to give your baby a very healthy start to life without the use of drugs and electronic gadgets.

Dr. Bradley also coached husbands to take active part in helping their better halves during the delivery period by training them to cut the umbilical cord etc. He greatly opposes the popular method of Lamaze which teaches would be mothers to block the pain with breathing techniques. Dr. Bradley also emphasizes on having a nutritional diet so that you have sufficient strength to go through your childbirth safely and smoothly. Encouragement is given to yoga, swimming and other simple exercises so as to enable a quick and painless delivery.

Dr. Roberts Bradley’s method of childbirth is the most popular method of delivery without the intervention of modern day medication and electronic gadgets.

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