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Women's Diseases

If you pick your foods properly, there is a chance you will have a happy, healthy and long life. You surely can get rid of diseases like, colon cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease, if you choose your diet carefully.

Heart diseases kill 500,000 women annually. According to what the American Heart Association tell us, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure claim the lives of women. Many women feel that the chest pains are caused from stressful parenting but only to discover that they have a heart disease. So if you want to take life the heart-smart way, here is help. A diet which comprises of grains and grains a lot will lower the factors that lead to heart diseases. Apples, celery, grapes, cereals, and whole grain bread, oats, corn, rye, brown rice, pasta, wheat, popcorn, wheat germ and barley are all risk-free foods which can help you to live a happy and tension free life.

Oat rich food would reduce the risk of developing cancer in the colon. Selenium will have anti cancer affects. Calcium, according to studies at many times limits the chances of factors that could lead to cancer in the body. You would find selenium and calcium from kidney beans, celery, yoghurt, eggs, molasses, nuts, onion, garlic, cottage cheese, brown rice, bran and broccoli.

We have known since childhood that milk keeps us strong. Milk in fact keeps our bones and teeth strong and therefore it is good for prevention of osteoporosis. Manganese, magnesium and zinc are also very important ingredients to check osteoporosis. Magnesium can be found in the foods like sunflower seeds, lentils, pecans, hazel nuts, oat, bran and almonds. The Manganese rich food is spinach, parsley, buckwheat, pineapple, walnuts and avocado. You would find zinc in the food items like wheat germ, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, egg white, raw cashews and cheese.

Here's some thing on one of the most important of women's diseases HIV. The HIV infections are rising daily. In America 47 % of the women are infected with HIV. It was surprising to know that many women among them are over 50 years of age. That is because women over 50 are not enough educated in terms of HIV. There are 50 per cent of these women who believe that diaphragms and vasectomies prevent the spread of this disease. These women have sexual relationships with many men because they feel they are past the age to conceive and are safe. The fact is that HIV is a virus which spreads any way and does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, the men and the women.

Women in their post menopausal stage are more receptive to this disease because there is a change in their vaginal tissue. She has less estrogen for nourishing the vagina, and the women get tiny shreds in her vagina which leaves a vent for virus to enter the vagina and spread the disease.

The only way for a woman to be happy and healthy is to be educated in health issues and take proper care of herself. She is required to indulge in cleanliness and also to have food rich in fibres. She should realize she is important! It is important and imperative to take good care for happier years to come!

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