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The Stages of Childbirth Labor

Every woman goes through a different experience through the nine months of pregnancy. There are those that are very happy with the way how they have been able to cope with life during the nine months and how they have been very healthy, active and supported by the whole family and friends, and there are those that have not been so lucky and although they have had a lot of support from everybody around, have had a lot of problems coping with everyday life while they have been pregnant.

However, now the time has come to get ready for the delivery and the childbirth labor and it is important that you understand what is this going to involve as you are going to have to be very strong, both physically and emotionally to handle this experience. It is impossible to prepare someone for the kind of experience that you are going to have, as this is a very unique thing to you only and not every woman experiences the same thing, however, understanding the procedure will at least help you relax a bit and hope for the best.

In the first stage of labor there is the onset of contractions that cause changes in your cervix and which ends when your cervix is fully dilated. These muscular contractions are very important to be able to create the passage through which your baby has to travel; however, like any other muscle contraction you can find them to be very painful. There are some people that can go from stage A to stage B very fast; however, there are those that take a long time to cross from one stage to the other as well.

The second stage of childbirth labor is the time when your cervix is fully dilated and you are ready to push and it ends with the birth of the child. This is not a time taking process; however, it can be considered very taxing for your body, as you will need to have a lot of energy to be able to cope with the demand.

The third stage of the labor is when the baby is separated from the mother and the placenta, and when you are finally able to relax and to hold your baby in your hands. This is perhaps the most wonderful event of your life. Once you have seen someone experiencing that moment, you will forget all about the other difficult times that you have had to endure to reach to this stage.

A woman will require approximately 20 hours getting from stage one to stage three, and therefore it is very important that you have a very good physical and emotional health to be able to cope with the pressure of giving birth. There are a lot of differences between person to person, however, those women that have had children before go through the process more easily, and however, this is not a rule that applies to everyone.

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