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Custom Maternity Clothing

If budget is not of a major problem then custom maternity clothing is the best one to keep you looking beautiful and stylish. If you are skilled working with needle then you can make your own maternity clothes.

Why do you need custom maternity clothes?

If you are one of those who take extra care to look good then maternity clothing's that are offered in stores can be frustrating. It's not just maternity clothes as you may not find the kind of style that is available for a regular user and even if you find them then the choice may be limited or may not fit you right.

With the growing belly you will be surprised that you may not find the right kind of clothes as the stores have women coming in all sizes and shapes so getting one of your choices can be a hard task. Custom maternity clothes are made in such a way that they fit you perfectly. The pants will be perfectly fitted; shirts will have buttons that can be neatly buttoned. These custom maternity clothes are tailor made and so they can help you in case you gain a little weight as expected during your pregnancy.

Not only can this patterns that are made be neatly altered without the pattern looking odd when you wear them. Burda makes some wonderful patterns that fit your growing belly and you can find tunic tops, trousers and dresses to suit your need. Kwik Sew also has some maternity patterns but then you need to hunt for second-hand websites if you really want some good collection to select from. They offer you shirts, shorts, jeans with belly panels etc. Butterick also has a few maternity styled clothes though they are simple to look and offer you maternity tops, pants and basic shorts they give you an elegant look.

Alter your own clothes

If you decide to alter your regular clothes then you will have to change them again post pregnancy and this may change the entire look of your dress if it is realtered again. If you have extra clothes then you can always try to custom your maternity clothes on your own.

If you have decided to alter them yourself then all you need is to attach a stretchy panel to your pant and you may have to add a piece of fabric to the top to get it fitted perfectly, you can start off by creating certain patterns by sewing them so that it will give you best fit with different designs.

If you're not into sewing your own clothes then you can still wear these custom maternity clothes all you need to do is hunt out for a good experienced tailor who can help you by stitching you clothes that will carry you out through your pregnancy. If you have some special occasions then you can always ask your tailor to create something beautiful.

You can also try shops that charter to your needs of creating custom maternity clothes, avoid the tailoring and alterations that are offered to you by your local dry cleaners as they may be good at sewing buttons, or hemming pants and may not be equipped for the complicated maternity clothes.

Choosing fabrics

Always buy a fabric which you feel comfortable. Cottons are the best for summer and high quality wool is best for winter if you can afford the cost of the wool.
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