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Conception and pregnancy is the beginning of motherhood.

The feeling of motherhood is universal and it brings about a feeling of thrill and completeness in every women. But then there is a lot of stress and strain that she undergoes during the initial stages.

The beginning of motherhood brings with it different mood changes with a lot of other problems like certain very visible body changes, mood swings and sometimes a feeling of utter helplessness.

As you wait with eagerness the arrival of the new member into your world you need to know the responsibilities that come along with it. Initially these responsibilities are demanding and you may feel frustrated by the extra work load, you may feel left alone with little time or no time for your social commitments.

The new arrival into the family brings about a change in personal relationship with your partner which may sometimes be the cause of constraint. Both of you need to understand that this is a passing phase and that everything will fall into line ones you get adjusted to the extra work load of the new arrival, you need to understand this by responding to your partners need and support each other during this stage to make a success of your marriage.

You need to take some time out of your role of a mother and reserve a bit of energy to do activities that you enjoy so that you find it easier to bring the baby up without getting frustrated. You need to take care of yourself by taking care of your health and looks so that you can look your best even when you have gained the status of motherhood.

As the responsibilities increase with each passing day, the need to get support from your partner also increases and you need to sit down and discuss things with your partner and ask his help in bringing up the baby, as this will not only strengthen the ties between you and your partner but will also help in increasing the bond between you and your baby.

You need to take care of your diet and your health as a good and proper nutritious diet will help you regain all the lost vigor so that you can get back to your regular work regime.

If you are a working mother you need to make an alternate arrangement so that you can get back to work without feeling guilty of leaving your baby home without proper care. Look out for a good nanny or a baby sitter who will look after your baby in your absence.

Take all the little things into consideration like the baby’s feeding bottles, nappies and other baby requirements along with your own requirements keeping them handy before you decide to resume work as last minute running will lead to more stress and strain.

Motherhood is a time which is a unique feeling and is the best way where you can achieve something in life in terms of fulfillment. So sit down and relish this feeling of motherhood with open arms.

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