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Motherhood Maternity And The Need For Self Development

Motherhood brings with a special meaning to life of a woman. This feeling of wholeness and fulfillment comes when you give birth to a baby, in the initial stages though this feeling comes with ecstasy it is later on that the responsibility of bringing up this new one sinks in and you realize that it is not any easy task.

As the baby’s need increases so does the responsibility increase starting from the initial period of feeding the baby and changing its diapers to spending many a sleepless nights along with added stress and anxiety where you feel helpless and fatigued? Not only this you may develop pain and sores on your breast due to breast feeding which may add up to your already low down feeling.

This initial feeling of elation and ecstasy may die down as you soon feel that you are unable to cope up with your problems and admitting this is the greatest challenge as keeping cool under these circumstances may need a lot of tact and patience.

This is not a grave problem and there is always a solution to any problem in life all that you need to know is to analyze these and find a way out. Firstly, the thing that you need to know is that no matter what the situation is motherhood is not an easy job as you will get exhausted and pass through baby blues which will soon pass away. In most cases bringing up the baby is always a mother’s responsibility and taking this into right stride is better so that you will remain happy and cheerful which will keep you and your baby in good health as a healthy mind grooms a healthy body.

Though you need to chalk out a plan or say a time table that suits your baby in turn allowing you ample of rest which will leave you free from unnecessary stress and strain. As a new mother you can always seek help and advice from other mothers so that you will find it easier to bring up your bundle of joy without much tension. Each and every mother has her own unique experience of bringing up the baby and some of the tips given by almost all experienced mothers are listed below. Following these tips will help you get over your baby blues.

  1. Sharing your house work by hiring an additional help will give you time to sleep and relax.
  2. Keeping certain ready to heat food stuffs handy will help you as you will get hungry quite often as you are breast feeding your baby.
  3. Childbirth brings with it a few complications like there may be some misalignment of the pelvic bones, you can take the help of a chiropractor so that you recover faster.
  4. Make a point to stock up sanitary napkins which will come handy as there may be heavy menstrual flow during the post partum recovery period.
  5. Adjust the time table in such a way that you get to sleep when the baby sleeps so that you will get ample of rest and will not get stressed and exhausted.

Following these tips religiously will help you get back into a more relaxed mind frame and you can sit back and enjoy maternity motherhood.

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