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Motherhood Nursing And Its Importance

Motherhood and breastfeeding is a natural process which is the best choice for your baby. In most cases both mother are baby feel happy and contented as there is an affectionate bonding between the baby and the mother while breastfeeding. But then there are cases where breastfeeding does not go well with the baby.

In some cases the baby cries the whole time even when breast feed which shows that something is genuinely wrong for most of the time the baby falls asleep after a satisfying feed and wakes up only when hungry or when wet. But in certain cases the baby does not get enough milk which indicates the continuous crying.

If your baby does not gain weight this also is a sign to indicate that it is not getting sufficient milk as though during the initial stages after birth the baby will lose weight as it is normal to lose weight. Many a times due to jaundice the baby may not gain weight, in such cases you need to fix up an appointment with your pediatrician.

If your baby gets upset while you try to breastfeed or sleeps of within a few minutes you need to find out if something is wrong with your baby.

If you are running temperature or have developed tenderness of the breast you need to consult your doctor as this may also be the reason for your baby not feeding properly as the pain may not be allowing you to feed your baby properly.

Always have a positive attitude while breastfeeding your baby as negative thoughts or emotions will greatly hamper your mammary glands from producing sufficient milk which indirect will have an adverse effect on your baby.

If you are not able to discuss your breastfeeding problem with your spouse or family you can always join a support group for breastfeeding mothers so that you can discuss your problem and exchange experiences with other like minded mothers.

It has been found that in case of breast reduction surgery there has been less production of milk which depends upon the procedure adopted for the breast reduction surgery. Some have successfully breast fed their babies in spite of this surgery while others have not been able to do so, you need to consult your doctor to know which procedure was followed so that you can satisfy your baby’s needs.

To know whether you are capable of producing sufficient amount of milk is to breast feed your baby and though it may take a day or two after delivery to produce sufficient milk you need to develop positive attitude, a cheerful mind, maternal instinct and a lot of patience to keep your baby happy and contented. With this you need to take care of your diet as a healthy and nutritious diet will not only help you regain your lost vigor and vitality which you may have lost during your delivery but will also help your baby as you will be able to produce sufficient amount of milk to make your baby feel full and contented.

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