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Motherhood Poems And The Sentimental Values It Holds

The transition from a woman to a mother is a very wonderful feeling and with it comes a lot of emotional and sentimental values which every woman cherishes all through her life.

Woman are known to have expressed their feeling of what went in their minds during the initial stages of pregnancy, the fear, the anxiety and the hope in the form of poems.

There are some who write down poems to express this wonderful feeling of motherhood while some express their emotional and ecstasy by getting tattoos done on their bodies with the names of their babies. Whatever may be the case this feeling of motherhood is so wonderful and every mother has her own feelings and experience to share with.

Some woman have expressed themselves by writing stories about their feelings, pain, ecstasy and the kind of joy of having first touched their bundle of joy. While some have expressed their desire to give birth to baby girls and the joy they felt when their dreams were fulfilled and seeing their baby girls grow up and all that they did during their growing up period have all been expressed in forms of poems or sonnets. Though not all are qualified poets the feeling expressed by these mothers are so pure and heart warming that it gives inspiration to other like minded mothers to express their feelings about their babies and all that they felt during their babies growing up stages.

Mother’s of girls and boys who have written poems about their feeling and a lot more like the joy of hearing the first words uttered by their baby or the first step their baby took when he or she started walking, the times when the baby had fallen sick and the pain and fear that they may have felt when they saw their baby hurt all these have been expressed in the form of poems some with a feeling of happiness, some with the essence of pain, love and affection.

All these poems and much more can be read on a number of internet websites which are dedicated to mother’s who have come out to share their feelings, joys, happiness, sorry or for that matter hurt which they may have faced while bringing up their babies.

There are websites and forums which invite mother’s to join and share their experiences while bringing up their bundle of joys be it in the form of poems, thoughts or stories. These experiences are a rich treasure house as each and every mother has her own personal experience which is unique and the feelings and the emotions she felt with every childbirth is different.

It’s not just mother’s who have written poems about their babies but some fathers have also written poems about their babies and their feelings of seeing them grow up. These wonderful feelings can be felt when they have written about the emotional bonding with their girls as girls are father’s pet and the sentimental and emotional bond is really a great one.

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