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Motherhood Tattoos - A Growing Trend

Tattoos are now no longer restricted to the tribal people it has gained a lot of popularity due to TV shows and its not just rockers but even modern day mothers who have started getting themselves tattooed.

Gone are the days when women felt that permanent stretch marks were a remainder of their pregnancy and childbirth. Today mothers are ready to go in for pin pricks or needle pricks to remember the ecstasy of attaining motherhood.

But before you decide to get yourself tattooed you need to take into consideration certain fact like:

  1. Tattooing is a costly affair and it is better to get yourself tattooed with a tattoo firm or shop which is reputed as there are every chances of getting yourself infected in case they don’t take care of personal hygiene.
  2. Getting yourself tattooed after you have weaned your baby is of utmost importance.
  3. Do a thorough research on the tattoo shop before you zero down on the best one.
  4. It is not only the use of sterilized equipments that need to be considered you also need to consider that the needles and ink used is new for every customer.
  5. Always consider the one’s that are more experienced as you need to get tattooed by a trained artist otherwise you may end up with something which you would not want to stay with all through your life.
  6. Make a firm decision before going in for getting yourself tattooed as this is a painful process as it takes time for healing and if you are not sure then reconsider your decision so that you don’t stay to regret this decision.
  7. Having decided to get the picture of your baby tattooed it is always better to wait till your baby is a year or two old so that all the features can be fully etched out.

Gone are the days when mother’s tattooed just the name of their babies or the time and place of their birth on their hands, now mothers have started getting portraits of their babies done on their hands, back, legs etc to show their love for their babies. This is their way of expressing their love for their babies and what their feelings were when they first came to know that they had conceived and all the emotions that went through their heart when they first touched their baby.

It's not just mother’s who have gone to get themselves tattooed but even fathers have shared their feelings by getting themselves tattooed with the names or portrait of their babies. This is their way of celebrating and expressing their love for the bundle of joy that has made entry into their tiny world giving them a feeling of completeness and contentment.

Tattooing their babies names or portraits are no longer restricted to high profiled people or stars as today more and more parents are coming forward to get themselves tattooed with the portrait of their babies.

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