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What is divorce?

Divorce basically is the separation of husband from wife or wife from husband. It results when husband or wife either of them feel that they cannot stay together any longer. They are not able to gel up with each other. They no more understand each others problem. And finally this leads to divorce that is they sign on a piece of paper which is legally accepted by the court of law and they are no more together.

How does it affect a child?

The divorce has a lasting and even a bad effect on a child. A child never wants his parents to get separated as he or she loves them a lot but he can’t help himself. Many times child feels that it is because of him or his bad behavior his or her parents are getting separated. But this is not true. Parents never divorce because of a child. It is their personal problems like no ending of the misunderstandings between them or may be they no more love each other or their likes and dislikes are no more the same which results into a divorce. But every coin has two sides. Some children become happy when their parents separate from each other especially if there is hell, lot of problems between them which everyday resulted into a fight.

What happens to the child after divorce?

Once the divorce has taken place the child can leave with only one parent. Now that depends upon the court with whom that child leaves. Although the second parent who doesn’t get the custody of the child is many times allowed to meet the child once or twice a week or month. But that again depends upon the court. However, wherever the kid remains he still is his mom and dads kid only. This is a universal fact and will never ever change.

How does a child feel about his parents getting divorced?

A child may experience different feelings about his parents getting separated. Like a child may be outraged, enraged and angry. He or she won’t like to talk with anybody. They believe that they are the unhappiest person in the whole world. They may feel sad about their parents who will no more be together. But the solution to this problem is that the child must speak about it with somebody regarding this be it his friend or his parents himself or even his teacher. This will help the child to get out of his problem. He or she will be back to normal and start enjoying the life as before.

Future if the child

Generally after the divorce the child doesn’t know as to what he is up to. The things in his life will no longer go smoothly as before. The Child’s behavior might change. He may become either completely quiet or won’t talk to anybody or there is a possibility of him becoming spoilt as there will be no rule of two persons that is his parents on him. This again will change from child to child.

Thus you can see that parenting divorce can have bad effects on a child.

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