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Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy is known to be one of the most cherished and lovely moments in a woman's life. It is a special kind of joy and enjoyment when you come to know that someone little and cute is living inside your growing stomach. The most exciting of all moments is the time when the baby starts moving making a tickling feeling inside turning upside down and hitting with his legs. These experiences are to last for even for each and every mother. Apart from the mother, this kind of special feeling brings a special pride and joy to the father-to-be as well. Even though he cannot experience it completely, he makes himself secure and joyful from the happiness and enjoyment that he sees in his wife. These are nature’s laws which makes even the father recognize and happy of the baby inside.

It would be simply a mystery as to guess the gender of the baby developing inside. If you are to find out the gender, one was is to depend on the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. With the highest population in the world, they seem to be aware of the birthing facts and principles. Chinese traditions and cultures are world famous and are also adopted by people across the globe.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is also known as Chinese Pregnancy Chart or Chinese Conception Chart or Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. It is used for determining the sex of the baby whether the mother would conceive a boy baby or a girl baby. The Chinese blindly believe in the calendar and they also suggest that it is cent percent accurate. The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar solely depends on the conception month rather than the birth month. In addition to this, it also related it with the age of the mother during the conception time and then nine moths is added to the age to correct it with the lunar calendar.

People know very little about the working of the calendar as it depends on the lunar calendar. For this, the first step is to take note of the age of the women at the time of conception. Next is the adjusting of the age to lunar calendar by adding nine months to her age. Then try to find the result on the left-hand column of the calendar. Later, the month when the baby was conceived is located along the top of the calendar. Finally, connect both the information to a meeting point where it would be named either ‘B’ which corresponds to boy or ‘G’ which corresponding to girl.

Even though the prediction by the Chinese calendar is assumed to be ninety nine percent, it is used only for fun and enjoyment these days. Therefore, it is always suggested to go for an ultrasound scan for accurate results at the eighth or ninth month rather than relying on the calendar. The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is not a proven way for baby gender detection. Different people have different opinion regarding this unique technique used by the traditional Chinese. Relying on it is left to the individual himself.

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