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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be indicated with the help of some early signs of pregnancy. Often women may experience just one or two or several of the early signs of pregnancy. The egg takes nearly a week to implant in the uterus after the woman conceiving the pregnancy. As such implantation takes place; the woman may experience some of the major early signs of pregnancy and makes her feel that she is pregnant. The hormone levels in her body starts changing around this time and the body reacts to such hormonal changes. Try to consider the following early signs of pregnancy:

  • When the woman conceives, light spotting can be noticed when implantation transpires before starting of the menstrual period. Such pregnancy bleeding occurring from the implantation is either pinkish or brownish in color but not heavy as the normal menstrual flow may start lighter and becoming heavier and ultimately tapering off at the end.
  • The women who has conceived experiences frequent or more often urination which is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Even before the missed menstrual period many women experience such condition more commonly from about 7-12 days after temperature increases at the ovulation. More frequent urination is due to the changes in hormonal levels caused by embryo implantation, particularly due to the hormone called ‘human chorionic gonadotropins-hCG’. 
  • The body temperature in the pregnant woman’s body rises naturally at ovulation. After the ovulation is through, the woman’s basic body temperature rises and remains high through when the period should start. This is one of the very early signs of pregnancy.
  • The missed menstrual period is basically another vital sign of pregnancy; however one can miss the period for some other reasons also like illness, excessive stress, imbalanced hormonal levels or just some reactions to food or medications. If the menstrual cycle of a woman is normal and quite punctual then missing a period can be vital sign of pregnancy.
  • Feeling tiredness may be due to the hormonal changes in the body which usually goes away when the body adjusts with the new hormonal levels. Also lack of energy is the early sign of pregnancy but it is puzzling to differentiate from some other type of exhaustion.
  • Frequent and regular contraction of uterus, moving around, exercise and orgasm all together can cause the uterine cramping as the early pregnancy sign.
  • Nausea or feeling sick in the morning is better known as nauseated when pregnant. Nearly half of the pregnant women experience nausea just during anytime of the day or night.
  • Another early sign of pregnancy includes the feeling of tenderness in the breasts and nipples but such feeling usually passes away as the body gets used to with the new hormonal levels.
  • Also the area around the nipples of the woman who has conceived turns darker as early as just one week after her conception only and the bumps around the nipples also become high up and distinctive.
  • The conceived woman generally experiences change in her bowels in early pregnancy. Her intestines may relax and function less following the hormonal changes.

Even the clinical blood pregnancy tests may help ascertain the pregnancy formally.

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