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Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy is without any doubt the period which requires intense hygiene and body care…Your baby needs it and so do you.

The skin has to be especially cared and cleaned during pregnancy in order to ease the functions of this important organ. Warm, short and frequent baths are a ‘must do’ because the pregnant woman sweats a lot. In the last two months warm showers are recommended. Hot or cold baths can cause uterine contractions. It is advisable that common soap should be replaced with a non-irritating one, such as the baby soap. After bath a massage with a rough towel activates circulation and increases skin suppleness. Applying all kinds of crèmes on your skin may not be such a good idea; it could only increase the risk of infection.

Breast hygiene is also very important. It prepares the teats for the suckling moment. Starting with the second half of the pregnancy, massage daily your breast with a rough towel; on the nipples area apply a lanolin crème. If your nipples are not yet well developed or too deep, massage them softly between your fingers. As your breast develops a lot during pregnancy, it is advisable that you should wear a less tight bra.

Your genital organs have to enjoy also a special hygiene. During pregnancy you will have an extra vaginal secrecy. It has no pathological meaning, yet it may have an irritating effect upon the genital organs. Wash this area two or three times a day with warm water and a non-irritating soap. Vaginal washings are totally forbidden unless you have the doctor’s permission to do that; they can cause uterine contractions. Pregnant women that sweat more can use talc powder on the exterior part of the thighs and on their genital organs in order to avid irritations.

Sexual contacts are not forbidden during pregnancy but they have to be rarefied. In the last two months it is rather risky to have sex, as it could provoke a premature birth.

Concerning dental hygiene, the pregnant woman should go regularly to the dentist in order to treat any dental decay.

The pregnant woman’s clothes have to be special too; they have to be comfortable and to allow blood circulation and season adaptation. The sac dress is the most recommended in this case; you shouldn't tighten it around the waist. Do not use garters to wear you stockings as they encourage varicose veins. Change your underwear more often because you sweat a lot more now. Women who are accustomed to wear high hills have to wear lower and thicker hills now in order to have more stability while walking.

The pregnancy belt can only be used starting with the 7th month, when the abdomen muscles are already too relaxed and cannot hold the pregnancy efficiently.

Also pay a lot of attention at any cold you might catch. If there is an epidemic in the air, you must take prevention measures; avoid crowded places and do proper vaccines. Any medicine you take must be attentively supervised by the doctor.

Follow these pieces of advice in order to have a nice, pleasant pregnancy…You will only feel better and happier; and your baby feels it too

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