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We are all aware of the growing number of pregnant celebs, however, its not that celebs are going in for pregnancy in large numbers all of a sudden. The reality is the amount of coverage and invasion into privacy which is there in modern times just make us aware of so many pregnant celebs now. The ever chasing and present paparazzi make it difficult for celebs nowadays to keep their pregnancy away from the public eye. They are constantly under the public lens and cannot keep things to themselves during such precious moments of life.

Very often we come across celebrities not too willing to disclose in public about their pregnancy and rightly so. An ordinary woman would not go around telling people about her pregnancy. However, things are not the same with stars. Willingly or unwillingly people do come to know of the pregnancy of celebs and the curiosity that follows is for everyone to see. There would be questions raised about who the father is especially when the star is unmarried. There would also be questions about the due date, about the gender of the baby, about the reproductive technology used, etc.

There are some celebrities who are very open about their pregnancy and some are even willing to share their future family plans. Gabriel Aubry’s girl friend Halle Berry expressed her desire to the media to have a baby. Sometimes people close to celebrities like their friends, their staff, and their stylists leak out the news to the paparazzi whereas some stars accidentally reveal about the pregnancy of other stars like what Paris Hilton did for Christina Aguilera.

The media attention for pregnant stars does not stop post their deliveries. There is also a lot of media activity around the name of celeb babies with names being speculated even before the delivery. There are some celebs that cash in on the heightened media attention and make money on releasing the first pictures of the babies, giving exclusive photos of their baby bump in their last few weeks. Some celebrities keep unusual names for their babies like Romeo, Orange, etc.

The media attention for the stars continues post the babies have been named back on to the mother and this time the focus is on baby weight which the mother would have gained during pregnancy. Losing baby weight can be quite a task for the celeb moms and the pressure is more on them because of all the attention they get. Celebs have to get back into shape very soon after their pregnancies because that is what gives them their paychecks. However, it is not easy to do so and they have to go through a strict diet and exercise routine to look again like before.

Pregnant celebs are always in the public eye. While most people would have good wishes for all the would-be-moms, it is not always easy to have a million eyes on you when you are going through such a life changing moment.

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