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Best Pregnancy Test

The Best product for a person remains in his or her usage. Similarly some women feel that the best pregnancy test is the one which gives the fast results. Others may feel that the best pregnancy test kit should be cheap. And some may feel that the best pregnancy test is the one which provides the most reliable results all time.

The following are the factors to be decided while judging the best pregnancy kit.

Price Of the kit

The cost of the pregnancy kit is what many of them look at. Cheap pregnancy kits are available in market. These pregnancy kits will not be as fast in identifying the pregnancy. It may take some time after the missed periods to detect the pregnancy. On of the cheap pregnancy is the Wallmart brand Equate. This is known to be best pregnancy test because it is cheaper and more sensitive than the EPT pregnancy kits that had a detection capability of 40mIU.

Quick Results

Another factor to identify the best pregnancy test kit is the time taken to detect the pregnancy. It’s a fact that people feel that the most sensitive pregnancy test kit is known to be the best kit. Equate in this regard is known to be the best pregnancy kit with a sensitivity of 25mIU. With this sensitivity the pregnancy could be detected as early as a day after the missed period. Though this kit is sensitive, it is not as sensitive to the fats response pregnancy kit, which has a sensitivity of detecting pregnancy with 12.5mIU. With this sensitivity, the kit is able to detect the pregnancy as early as the day of the first missed period. But it is the most costly test kit available now.


Reliability is the last factor which govern the selection of the best pregnancy kit. From 30 years, EPT has proved to be the most reliable pregnancy test kit available. Today EPT has gone a step ahead by digitalization of the kit. This makes the user feel easier to check and interpret the results. Thus the users need not look for the line formed or wait for the positive mark to visible on the strip. The strip displays “PREGNANT” if the test proves positive. This has also avoided the errors that are caused due to misinterpretation of the results  by the users after performing the test.

Thus it’s the users who has to rate the home pregnancy test kit as the best one.

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