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EPT Pregnancy Test

The EPT pregnancy test has been the most reliable and reputed home pregnancy test available from 1978. In those days EPT was a gift to the women. Prior to EPT, women has to go to the hospital, and they are tested for pregnancy only if they are a week late. Then the women has to submit their urine samples and wait for nearly 14 days to get the test results. This was a long time and women didn't had any other choice other than taking up this test. Then came the EPT where we are able to detect pregnancy as early as two hours. The only advantage of the previous test was that the tests would hardly be a false positive test.

Importance of EPT

After the emergence of home pregnancy test, women where glad as well as tensed about performing the test of themselves. Though the EPT gives the results in 2 hours, it was very early comparing the previous wait for 14 days. But there was a tense feeling among the women about arranging the test themselves. They were pretty scared about whether the tests would give false results or not.

As days passed on, EPT became a common test performed by many and it was familiar with everyone. Since EPT guarantees 99 % that the tests will be true, it got its name replaced form early pregnancy test to error proof test because it hardly gives errors. Even though a lot of home pregnancy tests came to market after 1978, EPT has gained a good reputation among the people. After few years more modern versions of EPT has come into existence with digital display and easy to use test kits. More over the time taken to perform the test has also been reduced.

Today’s Pregnancy Tests

Today there are various pregnancy tests which can detect hCG hormones of various levels. These home pregnancy tests are performed more or else similarly. Only changes may be the inference rules for the pregnancy. There are also digital versions of pregnancy kits which shows the results in English language as pregnant if the test results positive. The cost of the pregnancy test kits increases as sensitivity of the kit improves. More sensitive kits re able to identify pregnancies in early days. Though its accurate like any other pregnancy test, it advised not to use these kits as it may produce false results on many occasions when the users makes mistakes in the testing procedure.

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