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Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test is one of the first test conducted, when a women suspects of a pregnancy. It is very popular just because, it can be used by anyone. There are many home pregnancy tests available in the market. These home pregnancy tests just like the blood pregnancy tests, examines the urine sample and find the amount of hCG content in the urine. Based upon this, the test infers a negative or positive result.

Most of the home pregnancy test kits work with the urine samples. The cost of the kit varies based upon the capability of the kit to detect even the smallest amount of hCG in the blood. There are test kits that can detect even 15 milli International Units. (Milli International Unit is the unit of calculating the amount of hCG). Ordinary cheaper Home pregnancy kits are available which can detect pregnancy in a latter stage, say after 10 days of missed period.

Reasons for False Results

There are chances of getting false results using this home pregnancy test. Sometimes the home pregnancy kit itself might be faulty. Sometimes the test could have been conducted too early. Or else sometimes the user might have done the test without reading the instructions properly. Or else the user might have made mistakes in inferring the results. Thus it is always advised to read the instructions properly before performing a test.

Procedure for Performing Tests

The procedures for Most of the Kits are almost same. The kit consist of a strip which is coated with some chemical to detect the hCG levels. We have to drop the strip into the urine stream and wait for some minutes. Based upon the color changes and comparing the results with the diagrams in the instructions we can infer the result. If the first test results false, there are provision for a retest in most of the home pregnancy kits.


Some of the common guidelines to be followed while using the test kit is: to read the instructions carefully. Understand the instructions properly. If the instructions are not understood, consult a doctor or nurse. Always resort to a blood Pregnancy test if the home pregnancy test kit gives false results even after performing twice or thrice.

The main reason people prefer to use this type of test is that, we can do the test independently without any ones help.

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