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Pregnancy Test

The Pregnancy tests are mainly done to find the pregnancy in a women. They can be broadly classified into two. They are using urine tests and blood tests.

Usually, the ladies use the Home pregnancy test kits to infer pregnancy. If they find a positive result in the home pregnancy kit, they will consult a doctor for further confirmations.

Types of Tests

In both Urine Tests and Blood Tests, the pregnancy is detected by determining the amount of hCG level in the blood and urine. Usually urine tests will take a little time for results than the blood tests. Urine tests has to be performed only 2 weeks after conceived. This is because the amount of hCG in urine will increase very gradually compared to the increase in the blood. Thus blood tests can give results 6 to 8 days after the ovulation. Two types of blood tests are qualitative and quantitative blood tests. Quantitative blood tests determine the amount of hCG in blood. Thus it has the capability to detect even small amount of hCG.

Home Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests are done by getting the home pregnancy kit from the market. It costs around $8 to $20 dollars based upon the brand of the kit. Good brand of kits are able to detect even small amount s of hCG. The working of these home pregnancy kits are very simple. We need to drop a plastic strip of the kit in the urine and wait for some time . After wards we have to look the color change that occurs in the result window of the strip. Compare this color change with instruction diagrams to infer the results. There will be control indicator also in the strip which tells whether the strip is faulty or not.The accuracy of the home pregnancy test kit depends on how the test is being done, who uses the kit, when it is been used,etc.

Best Pregnancy Test

After a research taking a set of pregnancy kits , it came to know that First Response, Early Result Pregnancy Test was very effective and accurate compared to other tests.

The results of home pregnancy tests depend on various reasons.The test will give accurate results if the egg would have fertilized before the test is conducted. This varies form person to person. So its always better to perform the test after some time. If we require immediate result we have to rely on the blood tests.

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