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Ultrasound Scan During Pregnancy

An ultrasound is a very common procedure where high frequencies sound waves are send through the uterus, and these sounds turn into images that you can then see on a TV screen. This is a very simple and normal procedure that is very commonly used to check pregnancy issues like the position of your baby, and the development of the bones, and hard tissues. Also, the ultrasound will allow you to see the amount of fluid and liquid in the womb in a different shade and the person that is reading the ultrasound needs to interpret these aspects and compare them with the normal statistics to come to a conclusion whether your pregnancy is going as per schedule or not.

An ultrasound is normally performed by a medical professional or a nurse that has the training in ultrasound. Normally a person holding a diploma or master's degree in medical ultrasound is given these kinds of jobs. Of course, in the early stages of your pregnancy, your gynecologist may want to be there to make sure that you are not having any kind of complications.

There are many basic reasons for conducting an ultrasound scan during pregnancy and these include checking the heartbeat of your baby. This is a very important factor as the heart beat determines the health of your baby right from the start of the pregnancy. It is very important for the sonographer to be able to read this properly. Also, the number of babies that you are pregnant with becomes clear in an ultrasound. If you are having twins, then you are going to have to take proper care of your health and there will be many different developments at different stages of pregnancy which are not normal when you are only expecting one baby.

If for some reason you are having any kind of abnormal bleeding at any given time during your pregnancy, then the doctor will advise you to do an ultrasound to find out the reason for the abnormality. Also you may have got an abnormal blood screening test which needs to be checked as well.

At the beginning of a pregnancy there are many risks that can take place and there are many complications that need to be taken into consideration. For example severe pain during the first weeks of pregnancy may be due to ectopic pregnancy, which means that the embryo is implanted outside of the uterus and this can be prove to be very risky for the health of the mother to be.

Other reasons for having an ultrasound scan during pregnancy may include assessing whether your baby is at risk of any kind of disease like Down’s syndrome. These diseases are common in mothers that are of certain age or of those that have a family history of the disease.

At the late stages in pregnancy, an ultrasound is useful to determine whether your baby is growing properly and what is the approximate date of delivery, taking into consideration the measurements of the baby.

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