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Toddlers are the babies who have just learned to walk. Unlike babies toddler prefer walking rather than crawling. The age of toddlers vary from child to another child. Some may start walking after one year, while some would start walking even within ten months. If you see something wrong physically with your toddler then you may contact your doctor.

The toddler will have very excitement when he will begin walking. He would try to find out new adventures for him. After that you would have to keep a quick eye on your toddler.

Make your home baby proof

To protect your toddler make your house baby proof. Think for what are the hazards in your home. Kneel down and look around at your house from your baby level. Childs fascination is endless. He will look for all the common items necessary for house hold. You may follow the following things:

  • Look for all the unused electrical sockets and then put safety plugs in all of them.
  • Put cabinet stops in all those cabinets that you do want to open.
  • Put all the medicines, cleaners and hazardous materials out of the toddlers reach.
  • Cover all the toilet seats and apply lock on them to prevent any unwanted accident!
  • Put safety shields in all the stoves where your child could reach.
  • Keep the temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees to avoid any burn out.
  • Keep your child away from any pond or swimming pool.

Toddler temperament

Toddler years are the most emotional years of your child. These years are sometimes referred as terrible two’s. He learns hoe to express his feeling during these toddler years. He would not feel any shy in showing how her mind is developing. He may also push you back to do his work on his own and may even rush to you for comfort. He would feel fine until you provide him with the presence of love. You must teach him new things and with that you are also taking care for his security. He needs you the most during these years.

Always be calm with him. Avoid any power struggles with him. This will do nothing other than frustrating him. Teach him the morals of life during these years. Never practice anything in front of him that you would not like if done by your toddler.

Stimulate the mind of the toddler

This is the time when toddler is growing and learning new things. He will learn a new activity or an action everyday. Try to teach him new things by involving things in the form of a game. Provide him with opportunities to learn his surroundings. Take him out to places like parks and museums and teach him the name of different objects. When you return to your home ask about what he learned over there. Read him every day some story books.

Now this is the age of your toddler when he will keep busy most of the time. But you will enjoy with him.

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