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Childbirth Graphics - A One Way Stop For All Your Parenting Problems

Childbirth Graphics is the pioneer in childbirth education. They provide you with the best quality childbirth educational kits; they also provide you with health care and lactation consultants. Being in this business for the past twenty years they have covered almost all the topics relevant to childbirth and provide you with materials that help you to plan the birth process starting from the preconception stages to the postpartum which also includes early parenting and early childhood development.

Childbirth graphics have some really great 3-D graphic models and posters which teach you all about the development of the baby in the womb. They have some really good human like dolls like Wendy and Scott which have all the features of a new born baby with all those hairs, wrinkled skin and even the I.D. bracelets to make them look real.

These dolls are around twenty one inches long and can be joined as they are made up of vinyl which gives them an almost human like skin which is soft to touch. They also have an umbilical cord along with plantar toe reflex on the dolls left foot. These dolls are an ideal one for the would be parents to get themselves trained to handle their new born like cleaning up the baby and how to change nappies and such other things these dolls are also very useful even for teaching older sibling classes or even post-partum. These dolls are reasonably priced as FMGIRL Newborn Wendy doll costs $47.50 along with the postage and the FMBOY Newborn Scott doll costs the same as that of FMGIRL Newborn Wendy.

There are some Pelvic Model specially designed by Charlotte Yale Chamberlain, these pelvic models are made of cloth which are light weight and are also unbreakable. These pelvic models are large enough to accommodate a newborn fetal model and the flexible coccyx which also don’t break easily. Using these models you can show the various changes that the pelvic undergoes during childbirth. This pelvic model is so accurate and is more or less the size of an adult female pelvis. These models are so real like that even the color of the pelvic models are almost the same as the real female pelvis color though sometimes they vary slightly in color.

In the year 2007 Childbirth Graphics launched their website called where you can not only get to see their product online but you can also place orders through their website which makes it a lot more simpler and easier as this saves up a lot of time. They have made their website so advanced that it is very easy for you to not only place an order but the sheer experience of going through their website is rewarding. They have other major retailers who have joined them like Land’s End, Lillian Vernon etc to make their website more customers friendly.

The aim of Childbirth Graphics is to see that the customers find what they are looking for under one roof without much of a problem.

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