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Easy Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Easy Pregnancy test is also a type of home pregnancy test which gives the test results by detecting the hCG levels in the urine. There are two types of Clearblue Pregnancy tests. They are Clearblue easy pregnancy test and the other one is clear blue digital pregnancy test.

Usage of Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit

Clearblue Easy Pregnancy test is the basic model of the pregnancy test. It consists of a plus and a minus sign to mark the existence of pregnancy or not. The instructions to use the kit is same as other kits. The strips in the kit should be dipped in the urine stream for 5 seconds. Once the strips are dipped in the urine, the color of the strip changes to pink. This clearly shows us that the urine has been absorbed by the strip. Then the user has to wait for 2 to 3 minutes to get the results. After 3 minutes a plus mark will be displayed if the pregnancy is true or minus if the pregnancy does not exist. Some times the pregnancy test fails. In such cases the re test has to be conducted to determine the pregnancy once more. The only difference that exist with the digital version of the the clear blue pregnancy test kit is that, the results will not be a positive mark or a fainted line. Instead it will be a digital display, which will show either pregnant or not pregnant. Another one difference that is present in the digital pregnancy test is that a holder is available and after showing the strip to the urine it has to be placed in the holder till it gives the results. We can perform up to three tests with different strips using the same holder.

Good hCG levels required

The hCG hormones are produced by the placenta in the uterus of the women during pregnancy. This hormone is produced when the embryo gets attached with the uterine wall of the uterus. When the women performs early pregnancy tests there are chances that the women perform the tests even when the pregnancy hormones are not produced. This will result in negative results of pregnancy. Still if the women feel that she is pregnancy then she can perform the pregnancy test once again. Using a new pregnancy test kit.

Clearblue easy digital pregnancy tests are more preferred than the ordinary version just because the results are inferred very easily and correctly. But we have to see to it that the tests are not done too early.

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